Frequently Asked Questions

What is mysnapp?

We are a new global music-fashion destination. Our mission is to provide fans with a fun and simple way to purchase items and fashion from their favourite artists’ music videos, live performances and more! mysnapp provides fans with an answer to the question “I love that but where can I get it”?

Do you have an app?

Yes. We do. To download our app just visit the links on the website to download for IOS and Android.

How much does mysnapp charge?

mysnapp is free to use: All items available through mysnapp are priced as per the retailer’s websites.

How do I find my wishlist?

Just swipe to your account and you will see your wishlist. Then just tap on wishlist to see all the items you added.

Will you tell me when new content goes live on the app and website?

Yes we will. Be sure to allow Push Notifications when prompted to do so, so we can let you know when new content is available to shop on mysnapp. If you accidentally click "Don't Allow", you can still enable Push Notifications by opening your phone's settings and enabling them for mysnapp. We will always limit the number of push notifications you receive each day.

Can I contact you about new content I would like to see on mysnapp?

Just email with any suggestions or feedback and we will make sure we will get back to you asap.