Frequently Asked Questions

What is mysnapp?

mysnapp connects you to the worlds you love, giving you the opportunity to shop your favourite TV shows, music videos, films and much more.

How do I download mysnapp?

mysnapp is a FREE mobile app available for both iOS and Android App Stores.

How much does mysnapp charge for its services?

mysnapp is totally free to use: All items available through mysnapp are priced as per the retailer’s websites.

What is “Secret Buy”?

The ‘Secret Buy’ section is updated daily with stylish finds and exclusive offers from our retail partners just for you. But remember, it’s a secret.

How do I find wishlist?

Tap the profile icon to view all the products you've snapped. You can also filter your grabs by product type and see the status of everything you've ordered.

Will you tell me when new content goes live on the app and website?

Yes we will. Be sure to allow Push Notifications when prompted to do so, so we can let you know when new content is available to shop. If you accidentally click "Don't Allow", you can still enable Push Notifications by opening your phone's settings and enabling them for mysnapp. We will always limit the number of push notifications you receive each day.

Can I contact you about new content I would like to see on mysnapp?

Please do. We would love to hear from you and what you want to shop on mysnapp. Just email with any suggestions or feedback and we will make sure we will get back to you.