Misspap Choker

Yxng Bane Vroom

description: Sparkle all night long wearing the Maddie Silver Diamante Choker Necklace! This sparkling choker is a similar style worn by the dancer in the Yxng Bane music video Vroom.

category: Accessories

brand: Misspap

content: Yxng Bane

type: similar

purchase link: http://tidd.ly/7ecaa349

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price: 4.00

tags: music_video,music_video_style,music_video_outfit,Vroom,Yxng_Bane_music_video_Vroom,Yxng_Bane_fashion,Yxng_bane_style,Yxng_bane_outfit,Yxng_Bane_inspiration,Yxng_Bane,dxpe_chef_yxng_bane,choker,diamante_choker,diamante,sparkle_choker,

date start: 1970-01-01 01:00:00

date start: 1970-01-01

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